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What can we do for you?

We believe that regular servicing and professional commissioning of generator sets is key to extending service life, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. With our service support, you can be sure that your generator is working optimally and is ready to meet all your energy needs.

Our services include:

Putting the generator into operation

Regular, preventive and interventional maintenance

Procurement of spare parts

Increase the reliability of your generator: Use our generator commissioning service!

Commissioning the generator is a critical step to ensure proper functioning and maximum efficiency of your generator. When you choose our service, you can expect a professional and thorough approach. Our technicians will carefully inspect your generator, checking all key components and systems to ensure they are working and ready to go. This includes checking the engine, generator, electrical components, fuel system, cooling system and all necessary connections.

After that, our technicians will precisely configure the unit according to your needs. This includes adjusting the power parameters, adjusting the voltage, adjusting the automatic start or any other functionality you need. Our goal is to achieve optimal performance of the generator set and to ensure that it is ready to provide reliable electricity.

Extend the working life of your unit: Discover the benefits of professional maintenance!

Our company provides services of regular, preventive and interventional maintenance of aggregates. Professional maintenance of the unit is crucial for extending its working life, preventing breakdowns and reducing unplanned downtime, thereby ensuring a continuous supply of electricity. Our services include regular inspections, testing, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments and replacement of wear parts.

Regular maintenance helps to maintain the optimal efficiency of the unit, reduce costs and increase its working life. Preventive maintenance of aggregates plays a key role in reducing the risk of unplanned breakdowns, increases aggregate reliability and reduces downtime. Interventional maintenance is a service that is provided in the event of a breakdown or an emergency. Our team is ready to answer your calls and provide quick and efficient generator repair.

Quick solution for generator repair: Spare parts immediately available in stock!

In order to ensure that you have access to quality parts and equipment for the maintenance and repair of your generator set, you can purchase spare parts directly from us. We believe that the provision of original spare parts is vital for the long-term and reliable operation of the generator set. We have a well-organized inventory of spare parts, which allows us to respond to your requests in the shortest possible time.

In addition to the sale of spare parts, we can also provide professional installation and replacement services if you need additional support. Our goal is to facilitate the process of purchasing and maintaining spare parts, so that you can rely on quality components and ensure the optimal functioning of your unit.

Spare parts (coming soon)

Need maintenance?

When you choose our company, you get more than just a product. We provide comprehensive support to our customers, including expert advice, technical support and maintenance. Our commitment to providing superior service ensures that you feel supported and that your generator is always performing at its optimum level.